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In this series of small and expressive sculptures, Duncan Barker uses air-dry clay much as he uses acrylic paint, building each work gradually but with swift changes of form and texture until the personality of the piece presents itself. Figures are sometimes created in one piece, sometimes put together in stages, and involve different coloured clays, slips, incised and inlaid decoration, acrylic paint effects and wax finishes. Each statue is unique, the result of a particular interaction between artist and materials. What links them is a concern with mass, form and line familiar from his paintings and drawings. While they may seek to look the viewer in the eye, their forms please from all viewpoints.

Drawn from a variety of ancient religious traditions and from an intimate knowledge of the history of art, these figurative pieces speak of the human, the divine and the spiritual link between the two. A votive can be the physical sign of gratitude, of a prayer, or of a promise. It can be a focus for meditation and, like an icon, a pathway to a different world or to a higher consciousness. The figure represented  can be both goddess and worshipper. The votive can be a talisman, inviting, or reminding us of, the presence of protective powers. Or it can simply be a beautiful object, a souvenir of our joy in the world and the universe. ​​

Sculpture is an old interest of mine. Living close to the old ceramics centre of Saint Quentin la Poterie, in its rich, clayey valley near Uzès, I've returned recently to working in clay, producing pieces which reflect the Prehistoric and Celtic heritage of the region as well as their overlay of Classical and Medieval culture. Timelessness has always attracted me as an aesthetic, and I've tried to bring this across in these works.

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Sculpture (Votives) 2018

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