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Drawing is at the centre of what I do as an artist - whether with pencil, ballpoint or pen and ink, with lino-cutters or in the composition and execution of a painting. The individual character of each mark is vital.  

Linocuts 2018

Limited editions of 25 on 224gsm paper

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Duncan Barker’s prints and drawings share the concern with expressive line which is characteristic of his paintings. Like them, they exist in a world between the real, the conceptual and the emotional, stylistically experimental but recognisable as the work of a single hand.

Most of these works are studies of animals and people - exercises in producing an image of life, whether through the illusion of movement, real or potential, or of physical and emotional presence. You'll find in these works too the same concern with animating the picture-plane that is a feature of Duncan Barker's paintings. The flatness of the picture is often disguised and distorted, with the result that the paper itself, as well as the subject depicted, seems to be invested with life and to move subtly beneath the viewer's gaze.

​​​Duncan Barker


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Siret No: 80049091400010 

30330 La Bastide d'Engras 

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Drawings 2017-2018

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from 3 March 2018​​


17 Boulevard Gambetta, Uzès