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Duncan Barker’s paintings of the South of France are suffused with the light, colour and joy of life we associate with the Midi.  If there’s a trick to these paintings, it’s the avoidance of tricks.  Each painting is itself, although we can recognise certain repeated elements of style and preferences of palette. 

His method is experimental and exploratory – a process of finding out how colours and shapes combine and of relating this always to the feeling of being in a particular place. It's a painting not so much of things as of the sensation of things.

Still Life 2017

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Landscape ("Painting the Light") 2015-2017

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My still lifes, like my landscapes, are reflections of the light and colours of the South of France, and draw strongly on influences from French artists like Cezanne and Matisse

They're also exercises in composition - arranging not only objects but colours and shapes. I'm very interested in the games that one can play with the picture-plane - using optical devices to bring a flat surface alive to the eye.

The clear light of southern France is outstanding.  For the painter, it's both a joy and a challenge.  You have to paint differently here - to find new ways to reflect the sunshine through colour, light and shade.  

​​​Painting Light: Landscape

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​​​Duncan Barker


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​​Painting Light: Still Life