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Figurative Art

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Humanity is at the heart of all my work. My landscapes are either inhabited by figures or draw in the viewer to inhabit them. With human and animal paintings, it's about atmosphere and emotion - conveying emotion through pose or composition or colour and, with luck, passing on that emotion to the the viewer.

Figurative Paintings 2016-2018

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Duncan Barker's figure studies occupy a region between dream and reality. Often vividly-coloured and loosely, hazily sketched, they evoke psychological and spiritual states, often by summoning up the mythological and religious themes of the history of art.  Love and joy are constantly present, alongside an awareness of the precariousness of life. There are broad references to contemporary troubles too, and to the imbalance between power and compassion in the world.

​Stylistically, these figures shift between the naturalistic and the abstract, the solid, the flat and the fleeting - sometimes within the same painting. Even when the figures are more tightly-drawn, the act of painting remains to the fore, often with the accretions of abandoned earlier versions still visible through the paint. Bold experiments in foreshortening and exaggeration tease the suspension of disbelief at the same time as they animate the figure and the figure's emotion.   

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