​Duncan Barker



Duncan Barker is pleased to accept commissions of all kinds (including decorative and mural works), and to undertake private tuition and guest-tutoring for private groups (self-catering accommodation is available - please enquire)

To purchase a painting, or for further information, please contact Duncan Barker through this website.

Duncan Barker is a British contemporary artist based in the South of France.

Classically composed yet loosely constructed in expressive colour and gestural line, Duncan Barker’s paintings explore the borderland between observation and imagination.  Gauguin, Cezanne, Matisse and Picasso are strong influences, as is the Prehistoric, Ancient and Medieval Art of the Mediterranean.

Above all, his work is experimental, whether expressing emotional and spiritual states, responding to contemporary events, or expressing in vibrant colour harmonies the brilliantly clear light of the Midi.  You won’t find production-line works on this site, but you will see the continuous, living style of an artist constantly seeking new ways to animate canvas through the physicality of paint.

Duncan Barker’s work can be found in private collections across Europe, Australia and the USA.